Excerpts from official publication of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs, Ha Noi; full article in Vietnamese follows:


Minors, a U.S. based non-governmental organization, has been a partner of the Ministry of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (MOLISA) for many years in assisting ethnic minority students. Minors’ humanitarian activities include providing basic necessities, school supplies, educational tools, and medicines as well as medical equipment. The organization has also sponsored training workshops on health care and subsidized in-patient hospital care for poor people, especially children.

Minors’ humanitarian aid has centered on assisting provinces in mountainous areas. The organization’s assistance ranges from providing necessities (e.g., blankets, mosquito nets, and cooking utensils) directly to the hands of needy people, to building dormitories and awarding scholarships to ethnic minority students.

According to local authorities’ assessment, over the past years, MINORS funded projects have been successful in impacting poor people’s lives. The organization’s assistance, be it monetary or in-kind, has always been directly delivered to the targeted recipients through the coordination of the local departments of Labor, Invalids, and Social Affairs (DELISAs). Minors has viewed the poor with no means to make ends meet and orphaned children with limited access to education as their targeted recipients of the organization’s humanitarian assistance.

MINORS’s humanitarian activities have not only led to improved living standards for the poor, they also have helped accelerate poverty alleviation in funded provinces. Their assistance, although small in scope, has seen an immense effect.

Letter from Lai Chau Province

Director of Minors;
Minors Project Officer in Viet Nam.

First of all, on behalf of staff members and students in Phong Tho Education and Training sector, I would like to send the deepest thanks to Minors Project Staff in Viet Nam.

In recent years, thanks to support and cooperate of Minors organization, deeply caring staff of Minors who are not afraid of extreme travel hardships to visit all the communes in the district - including the furthest communes, the Minors project programs have worked effectively in the Phong Tho district, especially with ethnic minority villages in very difficult circumstances.

In 2012, under the sponsorship of Minors, we have completed the Biogas vault, water tank, and food raising project for secondary school PTDTBT in Nam Xe Commune , Phong Tho District. All the works were built with high quality guaranteed and are being used effectively.

Through this project, students in the school have been cooking by gas supplied by the system, to save hundreds of kilograms of wood each month.

Another effect of this project gives the students new knowledge and an understanding of the production process, and storage of the Biogas, as well as sanitation, using the clean water as processes, and our gardening (for boarding students) has improved results with natural fertilizers for growing plants and vegetables.

Once again on behalf of teachers and students in Phong Tho district, would like to wish you health, happiness, success to Staff of Minors in Vietnam. We hope your organization will continue to pay attention to the education of children in Phong Tho as the way towards our strong development.

On behalf of DOET Phong Tho District

Head office

Nguy?n Vuong H�ng

Quotes Oct-2014

Department of Education and Training
Muong Khuong District

Muong Khuong, October 16th, 2014

To: Minors Vietnam

In past years Minors Vietnam has invested in school facilities, provided school supplies and personal belongings (such as blankets, mosquito nets, clothes, woolen hats, school bags, medical supplies), built water delivery system for boarding students, supplied library books, assisted boarding students to raise cows, etc. These projects have supported the education of the ethnic minority students at the highland Pre-K, Primary, and Secondary Schools in Muong Khuong District, Lao Cai Province.

Minors' assistance are highly valuable to our students, especially to the boarding students at the Primary and Secondary schools in the impoverished highland communes in Muong Khuong District. Because of Minors' projects, the ethnic minority students and the students from poor families in our Pre-K, Primary, and Secondary schools now have enough warm clothes, school bags, beddings and other supplies for their academic and personal needs, which decrease the expenses for their family. Minors' projects are the source of support, encouragement and inspiration for our teachers and and poor students, especially female ethnic minority students residing in poverty-stricken highland communes in Muong Khuong District. Minors' support contributed to sustaining our schools' graduation rate and improved the quality of their life and education.

All the assistance and support from Minors are precious to the Department of Education and Training of Muong Khuong District and our schools and have been used for the right purposes. The Department of Education and Training of Muong Khuong District, Lao Cai Province would like to express our gratitude towards the thoughtful support of Minors to students from highland and ethnic minority areas. Furthermore, we hope that our schools will continue to receive your assistance in the coming years so that our students face less obstacles and have more chance to continue their education.

Our most sincere thank you,
Head of Department
Nguyen Ngoc

Letter from Dien Bien Province

Pa Thom, March 26, 2012
Dear the representative comrades of Minors organization,

In the past 3 years, we students of Pa Thom junior high school are very happy and proud to receive the attention and support from Minors organization in Viet Nam. On behalf of more than 20 boarding students, we sincerely thank all of the representative comrades of Minors for helping us to study and work more effectively.

With the supporting money from projects, our school bought animals such as rabbits, bees, pigeons, the seasonal vegetable seeds, ... After time of studying on the class, we assigned each other go get food, take care and feed the animals, with the helping from teachers in the school.

Those works were actually consistent with our ability of labor strength. All of the animals every day grow and breed. Since then, every year the school has built up a fund, and from this fund, the buying food every month and some other things in life have sent to us. Each time we received your support, we are very happy, excited.

Although our path to knowledge is still full of obstacles, our families are really poor, and the roads and ways to school are terrible, we will not stop learning because of the care from the schools leader, other agencies and organizations.

We promise to study diligently, to show gratitude with all of expectations of the family, teachers, other agencies and organizations.

One more time, we sincerely thank you for the interest of the Minors organization which has helped our school enthusiastically, to give us the gifts in life, which are really means to reduce the difficulties in daily activities, we hope to continue to receive attention and help from your organization.

On behalf of boarding students
(signed by ethnic Lao girl student, grade 8))