Projects Approved and Implemented for Improving Studying and Living Conditions for Ethnic Minorities and Other Poor Students 
in Dien Bien, Ha Giang, Bac Kan, Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces
Number of Provinces: 5 Sweaters                 4,000
Number of Districts / Towns: 18 Water systems                        8
Number of Communes / Wards: 68 Scholarships                      33
Number of schools: 85 No Dr. book                    105
Fast thermometer                      53
Meal trays                    250
Food raising fund                        1
No. Projects Site     Vietnamese Beneficiaries Implement.
  Description Province District Commune Partner(s)   Process
July 2019 - May 2020  
1 Sweaters (H'mong, Dzao, Thai, Ha Nhi, Kho Mu, Chinese, Muong) Dien Bien Dien Bien, Dien Bien Dong, Muong Ang, Muong Cha, Muong Nhe, Nam Po, Tua Chua, Tuan Giao, Dien Bien Phu Na Tong, Na Nhan, Pu Nhi, Xa Dung, Ang To, Bung Lao, Chung Chai, Nam Nhu, Si Pa Phin, Lao Xa Phinh, Sinh Phinh, Ta Phin, Tua Thang, Xa Nhe, Quai Cang, Pu Xi, Quai Nua, Toa Tinh, Chieng Sinh, Khong Hin, Na Say, Tenh Phong,   DOFA, ASE & DOETs 2,800 students Delivered
Lai Chau Phong Tho Lan Nhi Thang, Ma Li Chai, Ma Li Pho, Vang Ma Chai DOET & DOFA 1,200 students Delivered
2 Water systems  (H'mong, Thai, Dzao, Nung, Tay, Chinese, Giay, Lao, Pu Y) Ha Giang Vi Xuyen, Xin Man Minh Tan, Tung Ba, Khuon Lung OPPC 1,000 students & teachers Completed
Dien Bien Dien Bien Dong, Tua Chua Xa Dung, Muong Luan, Ta Sin Thang DOFA, ASE, DOETs, Schools 600 students & teachers Implementing
3 Scholarships (H'mong, Thai, Kho Mu) Dien Bien Dien Bien Phu Orphans & needy childrens DOFA, ASE & SOS village 30 orphans & 3 Childrens Delivered
4 No Dr. books (Thai, H'mong, Kho Mu, Dzao, Kinh) Dien Bien Dien Bien, Dien Bien Dong, Tuan Giao Na Nhan, Pu Nhi, Sa Dung DOFA, ASE & DOETs 6,000 students Delivered
5 Food Raising fund (H'mong, Thai) Dien Bien Dien Bien Dong Xa Dung DOET & School 300 students Completed
6 Fast IR Thermometers & meal trays (H'mong, Thai, Dzao, Tay, Kinh, Kho Mu, Nung, Khang, Lao, Ha Nhi, Giay, Xinh Mun, Cong, Si La, Xa Pho) Dien Bien Dien Bien, Dien Bien Dong, Dien Bien Phu, Muong Cha, Muong Nhe, Nam Po, Tua Chua, Tuan Giao Nam Thanh, Noong Het, Thanh Chan, Dien Bien Dong, Muong Luan, Muong Thanh, Him Lam, Tan Thanh, Thanh Binh, Muong Cha, Muong Nhe, Cha Cang, Na Hy, Xa Nhe, Tuan Giao DOFA, ASE & DOET 11,000 students & teachers Delivered
Ha Giang Bac Me, Bac Quang, Town Minh Ngoc, Bac Quang dist. Town, Ha Giang town OPPC, school 2,500 students Delivered
Lao Cai Sa Pa Ban Ho, Ban Khoang, Ban Phung, Hau Thao, Nam Sai, Suoi Thau, Thanh Kim, Trung Chai DOET 2,500 students Delivered
Lai Chau Phong Tho, Muong Te Dao San, Huoi Luong, Lan Nhi Thang, Ma Ly Pho, Mu Sang, Muong So, Nam Xe, Si Lo Lau, Sin Sui Ho, Vang Ma Chai, Hoang Then, Bum To DOET & DOFA 3,000 students Delivered
Bac Kan Cho Don, Cho Moi, Ba Be Nam Cuong, Cao Ky, Quang Khe DELISA 1,500 students Delivered