To contribute to our work, checks may be sent to the address below, payable to MINORS, or donations can be made via Paypal at the link above.

P. O. Box 17131
Saint Paul, Minnesota

To Recieve Minors' 2018 Camp Calendar:
EZ:  Contriubute to Minors $10 for each Calendar you wish to receive.
OR:  Contributre to Minors $6 for each if you wish more than 10 Calendars.
Postage and all fees are included.  Please allow two weeks for delivery.
If sending a
Check or Money Order, please include your postal mailing address.
If donating by
PayPal, we will contact your email for your postal mailing address.
Profits for Minors' Camp Calendar sponsorships are used for our projects in Southeast Asia.
Minors is a U.S. Tax-Exempt 501(c)3 Organization, EIN 36-3359383